Christmas is over. But wait, there’s more!


Boxing Day is the worst metaphorical sugar-low ever. It started even earlier than Boxing Day, this year. The evening of Christmas day had me feeling sad. All the presents were opened, the food was eaten, the guests were departed…and Christmas felt over.

Even the tree didn’t seem sparkly anymore.

I still had an iPod Touch to prove the day actually happened, but in the quiet stillness of that evening, I could almost see a festive tumbleweed blowing across the living room.


I think if I didn’t have the excitement of house-moving to look forward to, I could have almost cried. I’m looking forward to this usually-dreadful event for two reasons:

1) We’re getting professionals to move our stuff—guys to do the job so fast and efficiently I anticipate a blink-and-you-miss-it process. I love not having to make phone calls to commandeer someone’s truck, then a few laymen that are strong, willing and available—they’d be especially hard to find between Christmas and New Year. And professionals let you sit back and not help load things, because that’s a privilege included in the price.

2) The house so much more than I’d been expecting to find! There are three things that make an ideal environment for me: heat, light, and space. I didn’t expect a home with them all (not without paying more than we could afford), but I particularly wanted an insulated home. After fruitless searches, I later concluded that my hopes had been too high, to be fixed on finding a 3bdrm house with insulation, in a not-seedy area, for less than $300 a week—then we found this one! It’s recently done over (so looks modern without having the modern price tag), is insulated, spacious and well lit. And the kitchen is new and beautiful! I was glad we got to see it on a day that was cool and rainy—then we could see how comfortable it was inside, despite that.

My excitement about this house outweighs my weariness of having to move again! We’ll start our new year with a new home. Luffley…

I’m not one for making resolutions in the new year, but I’d like to think this blog will see more activity. It may not in the first couple of weeks, while we’re getting the Internet sorted at our new place, but after that, I have hopes.


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