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blog-renovationThis blog is half a step above Tumbleweed status. I’ve discovered I’m really not suited to ‘mummy-blogging’, so this needs to be something different. I revolve around my toddler-shaped bombs of entropy on a daily basis, as a matter of necessity — why would I then spend my precious leisure time writing about them? That leaves even less time for the non-child-related things I’m interested in. Motherhood didn’t kill those. Those interests are still there — they’re just frustrated.

I’m interested in page layout design, typography, and photo manipulation.

I’m interested in Tango dancing (I can’t do it myself, but I like it anyway), in watching movies featuring it, and in imagining a Tango music video when I hear a compatible music track. This fantasy often stars me, because I can Tango in my imagination.

I like reading dystopian science-fiction, paranormal/supernatural fiction (with particular interest in angelology and demonology— absolutely none in vampires or werewolves), stories about psychology and neuroscience, and thriller novels with biohazards and nanotechnology.

I sometimes fantasise about the novel I’ll write one day—which I probably won’t really do, although in my imagination it gets me at least locally famous. Some cafe in town will know me and my preferred ‘writing seat’, and what kind of coffee I’ll need placed at my right as I tap away at a keyboard, sitting in the sun. It’s always sunny in my imagination. Except if I imagine reading a rejection letter from a publisher. Then it’s raining, and something melancholic bleeds from radio speakers.

I love the digital piano (not the electronic keyboard), but it’s been so long since I owned or played one, I probably have to re-learn it. But I remember getting immense satisfaction from playing one.

I like jigsaw puzzles, but not the ones that are all one colour (like an ocean or forest) that are designed to simply frustrate. Jigsaws are supposed to be a leisure activity, not an exercise in character development. But I haven’t done a jigsaw of any type for ages. And I expect it’ll be a far-off fulfilment. It’s not a hobby compatible with toddlers.

I enjoy sitting quietly on a beach, watching the waves.

I enjoy people-watching in cafes while I drink coffee. I invent backstories and scenarios for them.

I enjoy driving, in bare feet.

I enjoy blogging. That is, I did. Before I cornered myself in a niche where my topic was supposed to be my kids.

I’ll likely never tango, or write a novel that gets me famous beyond my own family, but I’m taking my blog back. I can at least have that. I will write about whatever thoughts are high-diving from my head to my fingers. Sometimes, I’m sure, that will include something about my children. But this blog will be mine, not theirs.

I expect I’ll symbolise this fresh start (timed at the beginning of the year by coincidence, not design), by changing the look of the site, even if only in colour scheme. Of course, I’ll have to get rid of the Baby’s Dummy logo thing. I don’t want to look at this website and see a parenting blog.

The supposed ‘rule’ of blogs is that they are to have a direction. An objective; a niche. But that was how I ended up trapped in Mummy Blog Land. Since this blog isn’t monetised, I don’t have any employer to please, or sponsors to cater to, so I can break that big golden handcuff rule.

This will be my new blog. My headspace. I am a mother. But that’s not all I am. And now I’m going to prove it.


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  • Rachel
    02 Jan 2015

    You go girl!

  • Tehila
    02 Jan 2015

    I love it!!! Can’t wait to get to know other facets of your multi-talented personality, your beautiful dreams, and your varied interests… You’ve got me hooked! 🙂 xxx

  • Eve
    02 Jan 2015

    It amuses me that within only two hours of publishing this post, I had enthusiastic responses of excitement from four people—through various channels—and I haven’t even made my first new-style blog post yet!

    I’m reassured (and excited, also) to know that this change will be a positive experience for more than just me! 🙂

  • Kay Doyle
    02 Jan 2015

    Your blogs always entertain me Eve you can write about anything and it has texture and substance what a good novel needs to contain. So when you are published and have that table at the cafe I will be one of the first in line to buy your book. Xxx Kay

  • Deborah Makarios
    02 Jan 2015

    Yay! Look forward to reading the New Blog.

    On the subject of preferred reading matter, have you come across The Night Butterflies by Sara Litchfield? Dystopian sci-fi novella. (I was one of the beta-readers for it.)

    And never mind the golden handcuff people – “Eve Doyle” is a much more interesting niche than “mummy” – and there’s less competition in that area!

    • Eve
      02 Jan 2015

      I love your positive niche assessment, Deborah — I can’t argue with your logic!

      I’d never heard of The Night Butterflies, so I looked it up just now on Goodreads. I was a bit stunned when I read Sara’s biography — its composition and candour sounded very like my own bio blurb here at my own site. I had a panicked moment, fearing accusations of plagiarism, or at the very least, shifty ethics!

      But then I remembered I’m not making money, fame, or footprints, so she’d be unlikely to hunt me with lawyers and teeth. (I’m pretty sure my bio blurb predates hers anyway—at least the one on Goodreads.)

      I can still feel remnants of my paranoid fright, though! It’s because lawyers wear suits. Suits freak me right out.

      • Deborah Makarios
        03 Jan 2015

        Well, that’s at least less disturbing than wondering if you have a novel-writing secret identity that your conscious mind is unaware of!
        I remember reading a novel once that sounded so like my brother’s voice that I actually considered the possibility that he had been living a double life all this time…

  • Nigel Jones
    06 Jan 2015

    Like everyone else, in awe of your wonderful ability as a wordsmith artist. Continue to be very proud of you from afar as you seek a new balance that I am sure will entertain and inform many!

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