Toddler Talks of a Nappy


My first coherent conversation with Timmy…and it’s about a dirty nappy. Not all things can be poetic literature, I suppose.

I was putting a new nappy on Daniel when I hear behind me, “Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!”

I turned to see Timmy looking at me expectantly.

“What’s yuck?” I said.

“That!” he said eloquently and emphatically, and pointed to Daniel’s dirty nappy…which was now wrapped up and sitting guiltily on Timmy’s duvet.

“Oh,” I said, still stunned that Timmy had voiced his response so clearly, and we seemed to be having a real conversation. “That’s yuck?”

“Yuck!” Then for good measure, “Eeeeewww, yuck!”

I apologised, albeit through laughter, and retrieved the nappy from his bed.

Perhaps poetic literature discussion comes tomorrow.


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