Fortunately, Unfortunately


At the risk of sounding like a 10-year-old, it wasn’t my fault.

My ‘blog more often’ goal for 2012 was dependent on my having the means, and although I had expected a delay in getting phone and internet services after moving to a new house, I hadn’t quite expected the delay to be so astronomically long.

The process made me think of the Fortunately/Unfortunately tales of early childhood:

Eve had the goal of blogging regularly in 2012.

Unfortunately, she was going to have no Internet service initially, as it needed to be set up in a new house.

Fortunately, the property managers gave her advance notice the site needed a new phone service connection, so she could minimise her wait.

Unfortunately, they were wrong — Slingshot couldn’t establish a phone/Internet bundle for her because the previous tenants had left their phone service on.

Fortunately, Eve was able to get the email address of Previous Tenant from the property managers, to ask for the account details Slingshot needed to transfer a preexisting service.

Unfortunately, she got no response.

Fortunately, Previous Tenant called Eve when she realised her service was still connected.

Unfortunately, it was to inform her she’d given her provider a cancellation request so the service would be disconnected in a couple of hours — so Eve would have to pay for a new connection, and wait up to a further two weeks to have a service herself.

Fortunately, Eve persuaded Previous Tenant to revoke the cancellation request, and instead supply Eve the details necessary to transfer the service to her — so no extra cost was incurred, and service was available immediately.

Unfortunately, Previous Tenant was a dotty old lady who promptly forgot the entire conversation and what she’d just agreed to do, and the service was disconnected.

Fortunately, Eve now didn’t get calls for Previous Tenant.

Unfortunately, for up to two weeks Eve now couldn’t get or make calls at all, and her husband couldn’t begin work for the year, as his position requires Internet service, which requires phone service.

Fortunately, someone offered her husband workspace and Internet usage in their home, until we had our own setup.

Unfortunately, once our service was established we had difficulties with our modem/router, so still couldn’t connect to the Internet .

Fortunately, a tech-savvy friend-of-a-friend was willing to help.

Unfortunately, Slingshot had given us incomplete connection data, so he didn’t have sufficient information to get us online.

Fortunately, he was willing to wait we tried to extract this info from Slingshot after being on hold for an age — we were finally online!

Unfortunately, minutes later the aged modem/router elected to die — we now had no Internet access, and needed to buy necessary hardware.

Fortunately, Eve’s mother had a spare modem/router she was willing to donate, which worked a treat. We were online, after half a month of frustration!

The End.

At least that story ended on a Fortunately point.

…Unfortunately, now when my blog’s inactive for a long time, I have no one to blame but myself.


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