Escape Artist baby


No prison can hold the invincible Captain Zogg.

The sleep wrap—theoretically designed to stop him rolling onto his belly during the night—doesn’t work as well as we’d hoped. Most mornings, I find him as pictured (although usually not looking so happy about it). Sometimes he’s even managed to undo the thing.

He’s a little rolling pin during the day, strategically using the transportation method to reach furniture, which he’ll then wriggle backwards to hide under so when I look up I panic and think I’ve lost the baby. He enjoys that game more than I do.

When he’s in bed however, and he rolls onto his belly, he apparently forgets he can reverse the predicament, so I have to come in and rescue him when I notice the sounds of disgruntled discontentment elevating to a persistent cry.

I thought putting a sleep restraint on his cot would be of some help, and it was—until he figured out how to roll in place, inside of it. And still, not how to get back again.

My only comfort is if he’s ever made a prisoner of war, he’ll make a spectacular escape within a day. He just won’t know how to get back in to save his friends.


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  • Rachel
    21 Nov 2012

    See – he has a brilliant mind like his parents – no puzzle unsolvable, no prison inescapable. So, while he is looking around (observing, calculating and not crawling) his brain is ticking over twenty to the dozen – another Houdini in the making, like Auntie Charlie.

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