Bump #2: Reason for blog tardiness


This post has been a long time coming. But I have a very good reason, I believe. I wasn’t leaving this blog dead in the water out of laziness. It was instead out of a complete inability to do anything but feel miserable and sorry for myself, wishing I could just throw up so the sick feeling would go away.

But it won’t. No until mid-Febuary, I expect.


Discovering I was pregnant with Bump #2 was the first surprise of Christmas morning. It was the only one that didn’t come wrapped.

I haven’t had to defend myself as much I’d expected. I’d imagined most people upon hearing the news would raise a brow incredulously as they think something along the lines of, ‘That was fast.’ They’d make me feel like an irresponsible scarlet woman who clearly doesn’t know how babies are made. (I do. I just didn’t realise that holding hands with a boy was so dangerous.) But thankfully, most people have been happy for me, and congratulatory. They’ve looked that way, at least. I’m glad for it. I feel miserable enough as it is, with this morning sickness (which is actually all-day-every-day sickness), without being spoken ill of in the village.

I recall my first time on this ride being harder to cope with, as it kept me in bed most days, feeling like I was dying slowly. But I wonder if the first pregnancy (this part of it, at least) was really that much worse, or whether it just seems that way because back then in my childlessness I had the freedom to stay in bed most days. Now, when Timmy needs feeding, or changing, or anything at all, I have to be awake and ready to attend, regardless of how I feel. It is ghastly, but I think the distraction can only be a good thing.

Of course, this unexpected Christmas gift does mean some priorities have had to be rearranged. I’d been excitedly toying with the idea of getting a Kobo Arc e-reader with the prize money we got from Timmy’s winning Santa photo in a Classic Hits competition. Now though, the likelihood is it’ll go on a double pram. Despite being disappointed not to have a Kobo Arc, the consolation prize is pretty nice. I just have to survive the pregnancy and first few months of Bump Two’s life, and then life will be good with another little Timmy…

I’ll probably name it something different. Especially if it’s a girl.


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  • Tehila
    22 Jan 2013

    So excited for you!!! You and hubby clearly make the most beautiful babies, if Timmy is anything to go by, so this little one is going to be adorable! Praying for you during these first weeks, and trusting that God is holding you safely in His care! With my love to you…

  • Jenny
    22 Jan 2013

    Congrats Eve and I hope the sickness subsides quickly! Also congrats on winning that competition. I can see why you did – what a gorgeous photo 🙂 Jenny

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